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This Week in Food – March 27, 2016

As part of a bimonthly post series, I’ll be posting links to stories that I find interesting or relevant to the blog.  Not much else to say about that, hope you like them! Feel free to leave comments if you want to hear more about anything specifically more in depth.

1. Artificial Sweeteners found to induce changes in glucose tolerance (a sign of pre-diabetes) by altering gut bacteria. [Link]

2. Dr. Rhonda Patrick and Joe Rogan discuss some of the cutting edge research in nutrigenomics and biochemistry [Link] (Warning: material can be dry and difficult to follow but a great listen for people interesting in food and genetics)

3. Why Millennials Don’t Eat Cereal [Link]

4. Gatorade thinks they can reinvent the water bottle [Link]

5. ‘Good’ Cholesterol can be ‘Bad’ too [Link]


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